Friday, October 15, 2010

BeatleMania and Cleveland

For the first time since the creation of this blog, we're featuring a station from the great city of Cleveland. KYW/1100 (now WTAM) is highlighted in this Jim Stagg aircheck from 1964. This recording was brough to our attention by "Stevations", who recently posted a link to it on's Cleveland board.
Jim Stagg (a.k.a Jimmy Staggs) had a high-profile career in the radio business, with KYW being just one of several stops along the way. He's probably best-remembered for his later stint at Chicago's WCFL, where he provided firsthand accounts of The Beatles's U.S. tours in 1965 and '66. The influence of BeatleMania can be clearly heard in this aircheck.
A detailed biography of Stagg can be found here.

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