Thursday, October 7, 2010

When the Music Stops, That's News

Just to prove that we're not a one-trick pony (and to provide some continuity), we're featuring a sometimes-overlooked member of the stations of yore: the newscaster. Amid the often bigger-than-life personalities that frequented radio stations of the past, it was probably easy to take the news anchor for granted. Most radio stations of that era had a news department, due to regulations that have long since fallen by the wayside.
WHOT's newsmen had a reputation for being among the best in the Mahoning Valley, often scooping more-established stations in the area. In this aircheck from June 3, 1965, WHOT anchor Ed Reddinger (sp?) reports on a riot at Geneva-On-The-Lake. This event was mentioned in modern-day comments included in the previous Jolly Rodger aircheck. This recording is another provided to us courtesy of Edward Woodward.
To provide some context, here's a link to a contemporary Time Magazine story mentioning the riot.

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